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NGOs cashing in on green economy

Green entrepreneurs and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are natural beneficiaries of the leaf economy. NGOs are much more so because they are in the field, they have local volunteers that can collect biomass and easily preserve it in dry state which accumulates green assets.

These green assets can be sold raw or processed into more valuable green and bio products:

 Raw Biomass:
   o gathering underbrush to reduce fire risk (selling as firewood or charity fuel)
      rather than CO2 by slowly rotting or as forest fire.
   o underbrush, corn stock, grasses, xmas trees, ... can fuel "coal" power plant
     thus turning its smoke "green".

Biomass separated into biochar + methane can be used in a variety of applications:
   o Methane has a variety of uses in current society (think propane).
   o BioChar can be bagged as a soil conditioner
   o BioChar can be bagged as a charcoal for domestic uses
     or sold bulk industrially yet producing green smoke.

The Leaf Economy: Currently a Wasted Opportunity

  • Every year gigatons of leaves grow, producing Oxygen as they take in CO2 and sequester Carbon.
  • Then they mature and fall to the ground to rot.
  • The leaves are decomposed by bacteria using Oxygen to consume this Biomatter, returning to the air as much CO2 as the leaves took in.
  • The same goes for grasses and other ephemeral plant matter such as pine cones, tumbleweed, coconut husks, corn stalk, cherry pits, flower petals, weeds...

  • This represents a considerable amount of untapped Biomass that can be used to fuel humanity, instead of rotting on the ground and producing CO2 anyway. (Brad and Chad)

  • Leif says, "only a few % of all leaves would make a huge difference for charities and the atmosphere"

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